Crossfit Craze Conundrum

Festivus Crossfit Competition in Collinsville, IL

For the past several years the Crossfit craze has been sweeping the nation. The thumping music, supportive, high-fiving atmosphere and the workouts that constantly test your limits and drive participants to set new personal records can be addicting. We recently had the honor of sponsoring the Festivus Games at J5 Crossfit in Collinsville, IL and we can tell you that it is a FUN atmosphere featuring incredible feats of strength. It’s great that people are so pumped to hit the gym, but there are also injuries associated with this strenuous exercise.

Exercise is important. Everyone knows that. But did you also know that it is equally important for bone health as it is muscle health? In fact, it can help ward off osteoporosis and assist in one’s balance and coordination. However, Crossfit’s repetitive motions when trying to reach those PR’s can lead to overuse injuries. Because the athletes are so focused on setting personal records they often times lack focus on their form which can lead to muscle swelling, knee, shoulder, hip, elbow and hand injuries.

Still, Crossfit can be a great form of exercise for athletic individuals.

cao-crossfitCrossfitters just need to make sure they always listen to their bodies and slow down or take breaks as needed. If you are just getting started back into an exercise routine, we recommend  working your way up to a Crossfit status. Start slow with walking, participating in fitness classes or working out with a trainer at a local gym until your body is ready for the more intense workout Crossfit offers.

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