Signs You Are In Need of Knee Replacement

X-ray of knee replacement.

doctor-1740044_640According to a study performed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, as of 2014 there are 4.7 million Americans that have had knee replacement surgery. While surgery should always be considered a final option, a total knee replacement can help improve a patient’s quality of life. Here are six signs that you may need to speak with your doctor about a total knee replacement (TKR):

  • Your knee loses range of motion and you have difficulty performing activities such as climbing stairs, getting in and out of vehicles, chairs, and the shower/tub.
  • The pain is so great that it begins to affect your quality of life, including your sleep.
  • The use of injections and/or medication is no longer helping.
  • It feels as though your knee joint is bone-on-bone or lacks cartilage.
  • You have rheumatoid arthritis or a previous ACL injury, which can increase your risk.
  • Your knee(s) remain stiff after sitting for long periods of time or when getting out of bed in the morning.

It’s important to take a conservative approach and exhaust all other options before considering surgery. Patients may try restricting physical activity, perform stretches and special exercises, and/or injections. However, if you are still experiencing pain and reduced mobility, please call us to schedule a consultation at 618-288-9460 or visit for more information.

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