Time for a Hi-Tech Hiatus?

In this day and age we use our smartphones for just about everything from texting to gaming and snapping pics with our bestie. However, all that swiping, tapping, clicking and scrolling comes with consequences. New injuries, or rather old injuries with trendy new tech-related names, have been cropping up. Selfie elbow, smartphone pinky and texting thumb (previously known as Blackberry thumb) are just a few of the latest injuries to result from the smartphone obsession.

Selfie elbow, also known as tennis elbow, is essentially an overuse or repetitive strain

people-2557410_1280injury (RSI). It’s caused by constantly stretching out your arm while awkwardly grasping your phone to take a selfie.To correct this, you might try using a selfie stick or simply ask someone to take the picture for you.

Smartphone pinky and texting thumb occur when the pinky finger and/or thumb tendons become inflamed, known as tendinitis. They are both RSI’s from holding large smartphones or constantly texting. To avoid smartphone pinky, set your phone on a flat surface instead of holding it. Give your thumbs a break by using the talk-to-text function in lieue of texting . . . or actually use your smartphone to call someone!

Typically these injuries can be treated by taking an anti-inflammatory, applying ice, performing stretches, putting the electronic devices down and taking a hi-tech hiatus. However, if the pain persists, it could require physical therapy, steroid injections and even surgery.

If you are experiencing pain, listen to what your body is telling you and allow it to rest. If the pain continues call us at 618-288-9460 to schedule an appointment or visit www.c4ao.com for more information.

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