Life After a Total Knee Replacement (TKR): Q & A with Cheri, a CAO Patient

Cheri, a CAO total knee replacement patient, crosses the finish line.


Cheri, a CAO total knee replacement patient, crosses the finish line.
Cheri, a CAO total knee replacement patient, crosses the finish line at the Bonifest 2M walk in Edwardsville.

CAO patient, Cheri, took the time to talk with us about her total knee replacement performed by Dr. Bicalho. She discusses why she selected CAO, the process and life after a TKR.

Why did you choose Dr. Bicalho and The Center for Advanced Orthopedics for your total knee replacement?

I chose Dr. Bicalho/The Center for Advanced Orthopedics for my knee replacement because my husband had previously crushed his heel and Dr. Grebing did such a great job putting it back together and CAO was so helpful during that time.

Dr. Bicalho and Total Knee Replacement Patient, Cheri
Dr. Bicalho and Total Knee Replacement Patient, Cheri

What symptoms were you experiencing prior to surgery? Do you know what caused the symptoms?

I was experiencing almost constant pain in my knee, I could not straighten or bend my knee completely and it was getting difficult to walk without hip pain. The cause was probably from prior sports injuries (2 meniscus surgeries and many injections).

How was the process (from the first appointment to post-surgery)?

The process was very simple and easy. The girls in the office are very accommodating in setting up appointments and were able to work with me on good times for appointments. Dr. Bicalho was very informative and willing to answer any questions I had. I was at Anderson Hospital with a good staff of nurses and caregivers. The knee-bender machine Dr. Bicalho ordered for me was the best therapy ever. After coming home I had nurses come to the house. I did not have to run to the hospital every day for therapy. They were very good therapists. The follow-up appointments at CAO included X-rays and time with Dr. Bicalho. I feel it was a very thorough and attentive experience.

What was the date of your surgery? How long was your recovery?

My surgery was December 7, 2016. (Dr. Bicalho was kind enough to let me put it off for a few months so I could go to Disney World with my grandkids!) Recovery took about 4 weeks. I talked Dr. Bicalho into letting me go back to work a couple of weeks early.

What made you decide to participate in the Bonifest 2M walk?

I decided to do the Bonifest 2K Walk because our PE teacher (I work at Lahr-Well Christian Academy) was organizing students to walk/run together. I asked Dr. Bicalho if I could run in the race. He said no, but I could walk and then offered to sponsor me. So I will walk the 2K (and I will definitely wear the T-shirt from CAO!) 

CAO total knee replacement, Cheri, proudly displays her number for the Bonifest race in Edwardsville.
CAO Patient is TKR (Total Knee Replacement) Tough

How did you prepare for this walk post-surgery?

We have been preparing for the Walk/Run by walking down the MCT trail located behind Eden Church, which is where our school is located.  If it is not raining we (meaning all the students and me and the PE teacher) usually walk 1 and 1/2 to 2 miles each day. We also do a set of exercises from the Presidential program.

Future goals?

A future goal would be to continue to do this walk each year. Since I cannot run, I will definitely do the walk!


Any final thoughts?

For anyone who is requiring knee surgery, I would definitely recommend Dr. Bicalho and CAO.

CAO patient, Cheri, shows off her shirt for the Bonifest 2M walk in Edwardsville. CAO was a proud sponsor!
CAO was honored to sponsor Cheri in her first 2M walk since having a total knee replacement (TKR).

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